Wellness Dentistry 

Wellness Dentistry is the diagnosing, treating and caring for the whole patient rather than just the patient’s teeth and gums. The dentist views the patient from a broad perspective; including the patient’s physical, mental/emotional, spiritual aspects and all outside influences that affect this patient. They believe and teach that your dental health is an integral part of your overall well-being and vice versa.

Wellness Dentistry includes:

  • Salivary PH Testing
  • Microslide and Microscope evaluation of oral biome / bacteria
  • S.M.A.R.T. amalgam removal (metal toxicity)
  • Clifford testing 
  • TENS
  • Alpha Stim
  • Ozonated water treatment
  • Nasal Canula Oxygen
  • Dietary & Oral habit consultation
  • Essential oil instruction
  • Hepa Air Circulation
  • Relaxing Spa Setting
  • Ocean Air Ventilation
  • Concierge Dental Setting





The wellness dentist will teach effective dental hygiene habits with safe products including essential oils, herbs, nutrition and supplements, exercise, rest and other modalities. The ultimate outcome is optimal health and balance in the mind, body, and spirit of the patient.

Wellness Dental Services

When you visit a wellness dental office, you will see many different kinds of experiences and services compared to a general dental office. The following are some of these experiences and services you could possibly see in a wellness dental office. Know that all wellness dentists are unique individuals and offer different services and products depending on their experience, skills, and knowledge.

When diagnosing your dental conditions a wellness dentist will probably include: a thorough dental and health history, nutrition inquiry, digital X-rays, microscopic examination of the bugs in your mouth, open dialogue for all your concerns, and various functional and specific testing procedures. Tests for biocompatibilities to dental materials, heavy metal levels, blood, urine or stool tests, mineral and nutritional tests, DNA and oxidative stress, EAV, kinesiology, mercury vapor and galvanic testing, and other medical tests can be performed for the patient. Referral to medical doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, psychologists, priests and other outside practitioners may be made to complete the whole body-focused diagnosis.

Treatment services should include many, if not all, of the following services as the dentist considers necessary: Thorough dental hygiene instruction and demonstration of safe and effective teeth and gum care habits, gentle and effective professional sonic, hand and laser treatments for the teeth and gums, office aromatherapy, hand and foot massage, and nutritional supplementation support are routinely utilized. Personal comfort with blankets, pillows, restful music and videos and alpha-stim relaxation techniques are common. Minimally invasive dentistry with bonding, inlay/onlays of safe biocompatible dental materials are utilized. Safe removal of the toxic fillings and crowns are completed with rubber dam, nosepiece, and drape protection for the patient, and high speed vacuum. The patient and staff are protected with HEPA air filters, face masks, open fresh air windows, gloves and appropriate protective clothing. Later safe alternative restorations are placed with biocompatible resins, porcelains, gold, zirconia and glues. Removal of infected teeth and cavitation areas in the jaw should be performed and the bite and TMJ may be correctly aligned and stabilized if necessary. Chelation, detoxification, and cleansing should be taught by the dentist or appropriate outside healthcare practitioner. Referrals may be made to medical, chiropractor, acupuncture, and osteopathic doctors, psychologists, massage or physical therapists, priests and many other professionals to obtain optimal health and balance for the patient.

Prevention and balanced healthy living are the primary focus throughout the patient’s diagnosis and treatment process and continue as a partnership between the patient and his/her dentist.

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